Termite Inspection Long Island

termite white antTermites are an intrusive pest. They eat through wood and cellulose in the home and in trees on your property. Termites usually live in complete darkness and are not usually seen. What a homeowner does notice, however is damage to their home and trees on their property. The homeowner begins by noticing mud or a buildup of wood debris on wood boards. You may even notice your shed or parts of your home breaking apart, which is likely damage done by termites. Now you know it’s time for a termite inspection Long Island.

The termite is a social animal that lives in colonies, which is why killing just those that you see will not usually result in eradication of them from your home, as you need to destroy the entire colony in order to ward off the problem. Unlike ants, termites can be characteristically identified by their two part bodies and wings.

Termite Inspections

A termite inspection Long Island is a necessity in keeping a healthy home and property. Without regular inspections for termites, you will only notice the damage when it is too late and has already occurred. Infestations begin gradually and even the largest of infestations may take a few years to actually notice and cause serious damage. The problem is that this is usually the case as termites do not often show themselves and frequently stay in the dark areas where they burrow or feed. If the damage is significant, the repairs to your home may be very costly to fix, therefore inspections and prevention are key.

Advance Bait Systems

Our approach towards termites Long Island is simple. We use Advance Bait Systems to create a barrier around your home. Essentially these bait installations are installed in close intervals around your home on your property (lawns, gardens, etc.). They are sub-terranean, and non-intrusive, which means that they are installed below ground and are not usually noticeable unless you actually go looking for them. These stations are then baited with wood to attract the termites. They are checked every 45-90 days and once termites have been established in the bait wood the natural wood is replaced with a pierced plastic tube containing bait laced with a slow-acting termite development inhibitor. Eventually, this will eradicate the colony. It is however, necessary to continue the baiting and eradication process and it is a good idea to receive constant inspections and monitoring of your termite stations as termites from neighboring colonies can easily find their way back into your home, especially if you have already had problems with an infestation in the past.

If you have noticed any sort of raw material or mud buildup in your home, attic, crawl space or other areas that do not often receive much traffic, and think that you may have a termite infestation, it should not be taken up by untrained hands. Have a termite inspection Long Island completed immediately. Termites can essentially destroy your property and only professional remediation, eradication and follow-up visits will solve the problem.