Long Island Nuisance Wildlife Removal


Nuisance wildlife can carry more than just annoying problems for the home or business that has been infested. Nuisance wildlife can sometimes attack when provoked and can carry all sorts of infectious diseases from just a scratch or small bite. Raccoons, squirrels, bats and skunks may seem harmless, but their presence can be very dangerous and getting rid of them should always be done by a professional.


Squirrel infestations are severe issues as squirrels are part of the rodent family. Just like raccoons, squirrel feces will also bring health issues and asthma problems to those that are susceptible. Squirrels are also vulnerable to rabies and whereas most squirrels are fearful of humans and pets, a squirrel with rabies will be disoriented and actually may seek humans and pets, creating a possibly deadly situation. Squirrels damage the home in the same way that a termite or a carpenter ant would. They gnaw on wood, which could create potentially dangerous and expensive structural damage to your home if they are not taken care of promptly.

Crawl spaces and eaves are where squirrels will most likely take up residence, especially in the colder winter months. The homeowner will be able to actually hear scampering in the home or scratching and gnawing, especially during the day time and early morning. They can also gnaw into or through electrical wire which could cause a short or electrical fire. Squirrels are not just pests if they enter your home. We are often called upon by homeowners who have a squirrel infestation in which they eat their ornamental bulbs, dig up lawns, or take control of bird feeders. As you can probably imagine, a squirrel is difficult to catch, and due to the potential of contracting rabies, squirrel eradication should only be handled by professionals.


Raccoons are dangerous animals that can carry infectious diseases and are also pests if you have them in or around your home. Their fecal matter is not only unsanitary but can cause major health and asthma issues if it disturbed and particles are inhaled. A telltale sign of a raccoon infestation is hearing scratching sounds coming from your walls, ceiling, attic or fireplace, or noticing your garbage pails knocked down with garbage that has been ransacked and tossed across your property or business location.

Raccoons are only found in North America. They are medium to large sized animals, with large males weighing upwards of thirty pounds. Their ringed tail and masked face are unique to their species. They can live up to five years in the wild and their litters contain between three and six young. Their strength and intelligence is surprising and they are excellent climbers as well. Rarely seen during the day, raccoons are nocturnal creatures and if you do spot one during the day, especially if it is acting erratically, or notice a strange foam around its mouth, contact us immediately. This animal is most likely infected with rabies and highly dangerous.

Bats & Skunks

Bats and skunks are dangerous animals. Bat feces or guano can bring viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens into the air which can easily be inhaled by any of the inhabitants of your home and be brought into circulation by your home heating and air conditioning units. The problem with bats is that they are not easily eradicated and an access point must be located professionally and closed up immediately to prevent any further infestations from taking place. While skunks are usually found outside, there are some homeowners who have had the unfortunate event of finding a skunk in their home. Skunks emit a disturbing odor that causes headaches and feelings of nausea to those who have to constantly breathe it. Skunks may dwell in decks and in crawl spaces and their locations are usually found by following the scent. Skunks should always be professionally taken care of. When skunks become fearful of a situation they will emit a disturbing smelly spray onto whomever or whatever they come into contact with. This smell is not only disturbing but also very difficult to remove. If you believe that you have a bat or skunk infestation, or if you have found evidence of feces in any area of your home, do not take it into your own hands. These animals should only be handled by a professional.