Bed Bugs Long Island

bed-bugs-pageA common misconception about bed bugs Long Island is that they occur when homes are not properly cleaned, when mattresses are not properly turned or vacuumed, or when mattresses are simply too old. None of these are true. A bed bug infestation can happen at any time, anywhere, and in any home on any street of any neighborhood.

Bed bugs can be found in any area of the home, and not just on mattresses, although mattress infestation is common due to the fact that we spend so much time on our mattresses. Their reason for being in your home has nothing to do with unsanitary conditions.

Bed bugs are transported from one location to another. They do not just magically appear in your home. When you go on vacation and place your luggage on the bed to remove your belongings, you are exposing your luggage and its contents to a bedbug infestation. It can be only a few insects that make their way into your stuff, but once you get home, they can very quickly multiply into the hundreds and thousands. A female bed bug will lay up to twelve eggs per day in crevices and on rough surfaces. The eggs are coated in a sticky substance and can adhere to almost anything-even upside down. Many homeowners think that if they just leave their home for a few days or even weeks, the bed bugs Long Island will have nothing to eat and eventually die off- yet another misconception! The life span of a single bed bug can be up to eighteen months as they can live for a very long time without food. Although they are not known to spread disease, bed bugs are nocturnal blood-feeders. A single bed bug can feed on its host for up to fifteen minutes. Most people do not actually notice the bed bug itself when there is an infestation. Instead they notice the characteristic row of three itchy bites, eventually becoming more frequent as the infestation continues. The person usually scratches at the bites, which then become infected and the cycle can continue each day until the bed bugs are eradicated.

Bed bug infestations must be professionally remediated to avoid further infestation. Many homeowners wrongly believe that by simply replacing their mattresses, bed bugs will go away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Long Island Bed bugs are brown, flat insects that can make their way into wood, upholstery, curtains, mattresses and carpets. They are not easily killed as they will not respond to common roach or ant bait and hide easily due to their shape. Our professional methods involve using a highly trained K9 to locate each individual infestation in the home and remove these parasites for good. If you are waking up to itchy bites on your skin along with bumps or welts, you may have a bed bug infestation. Our highly skilled team will eradicate them so that they may not return and you and your family can get back to your lives again!