Suffolk Pest Control


Each year, thousands of homes across the United States are infested with unwanted pests, especially when the weather begins to change. In the fall and winter, most homeowners complain about unwanted rats or mice in their homes, which find their way in through any access point available, to escape the cold weather. In the spring time, the season usually begins with calls of ant invasions, flies, ticks, spiders, mice, bees, wasps and hornets. There are also insects such as cockroaches and fleas that are not partial to any time of year, but rather can show up at any given time.


Professional Pest Removal

Although stores across the country offer at-home sprays and remedies for any of the unwanted pests mentioned above, the truth is that only a professional Suffolk pest control can actually get them out and keep them out. What many homeowners fail to realize is that these pests are not only a nuisance, they are actually extremely dangerous to the health of yourself, your family and your pets. Fecal matter from rats and mice not only produce unwanted smells in the home but can also create unsafe conditions for you and your family. If you have ventured into your attic or crawl space and have noticed small piles of droppings or have noticed unexplainable stains on your ceiling or on your walls, you may have a rat or mouse infestation in your home. The location where feces has accumulated creates an ideal place for sickening germs, viruses and other pathogens to thrive. Even with the slightest disruption of these sites (sweeping up with a broom, kicking with your feet, etc.) could disperse the miniscule particles through the air where it would then be either inhaled or deposited onto your clothing, shoes or hair. These conditions require professional remediation by a Suffolk pest control and should not be taken lightly. Many homeowners feel that they can take matters into their own hands when they have a rat or mouse infestation. There are traps and glue strips readily available to catch whatever might be taking up residence in your home. The problem is that the carcass is inevitably left in your home, which can cause even more odor and chance for disease and needs to be removed. Our methods provide a more humane solution that actually causes rodents to venture outside to seek water, where they will eventually die and be left to the elements, instead of in your home.

Insect Removal

Often overlooked, professional insect removal from a Suffolk pest control is imperative to a healthy home. Insects can bring many diseases such as the West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Foot and Mouth Disease and a slew of other intestinal or viral disorders to those that live in your home. Wherever insects land or crawl, they leave behind a trail of their fecal matter. Often overlooked, because it is usually very hard to see with the naked eye, their fecal matter causes illnesses and allergies that are not usually diagnosed, as they may be mistaken for other things, such as seasonal allergies or a stomach virus. Ticks especially can cause Lyme Disease, which can kill you. Roaches and ants are not easily eradicated, as you must kill the entire colony in order to prevent any sort of return to your home. Sprays and “roach motels” will not successfully keep these intruders out as they will usually just attract them from one area to another, or create a barrier that will only last for so long. In cases of insects, roaches, fleas and ticks, professional remediation by a Suffolk pest control is a must to ensure the health of yourself, your family and your pets and to prevent their return.