How Termites Damage Your Home

Home Damage from a Termite Infestation

Bug infestations can severely damage your home and can even make you and your family feel unsettled in your own home. While many bugs can find their way into your home, one of the most common bug infestations is termites. Although one of the most common, termites are often very difficult to detect. Termites can go undetected in your home for months or even years and damaging your house without you even being aware of it.

Here are some things you should know about termite infestations:

What Exactly Are Termites?

Termites are small insects that are considerably similar to cockroaches. These insects are everywhere and are found on every continent except for Antarctica! Termites are attracted to and feed on dead things such as dead plants or dead wood. This is often times the reason they are found in homes. Termites are also attracted to moisture so people who live in damp or moist areas will be more susceptible to termite infestations.

How Can They Be Detected?

As said above, termites are one of the more difficult insects to detect. They are often detected by homeowners by the termites remains. The remains and the odor of the remains are often detected before any termites are actually seen.

Some signs of termites to be aware of:

  • Discolored or drooping drywall
  • Wood that sounds hollow
  • Crumbling or damages wood
  • Piles of termite pellets often looking like small piles of salt or pepper

What Damage Do They Do?

Since termites are attracted to dead wood, they can get into your home and start eating away at the wood in your home. They eat the wood and hollow it out in order to make more room for their colony but the more hollow the wood gets, the more dangerous it becomes for your home. It’s possible for these termites to eat away at floors and if they become too weak, they can easily collapse. Termites can also destroy your homes foundation making it very dangerous for you and your family.

The odor left behind by the termite droppings is also very alarming. The droppings have a very noticeable scent that is often how the termite infestation is discovered. These dropping can also be noticed by discoloration of your walls.

How Can They Be Exterminated?

Termites should be exterminated by a licensed and experienced exterminator so that it is done correctly and safely. An exterminator can help detect the infestation as well as eradicate the infestation. There are also many different methods for exterminating termites and professional exterminator will know the best one to use for the specific situation. A pest control expert will know exactly how to get rid of the termites quickly and effectively so you and your family can be safe and have peace of mind.

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