Important Things to Know about Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal from Your Home & Property

Do you have a tricky and unwanted furry friend in your home or business? Having this problem can be extremely bothersome and dangerous as well if the situation is not handled properly. When something like this happens, it is extremely important to call a wildlife removal service to have them properly and safely remove the animal.

Evaluate the Situation for Safety

A wildlife removal service will know how to properly assess the situation so that they can remove the animal(s) as safely as possible. Working with scared, threatened and agitated wildlife animals can pose a very dangerous situation and can be handled the best way possible by an expert. Many times, mother raccoons will bring their babies into a building of sorts to keep them safe. In this situation, it is not smart to try to aggressively remove the animals since the mother will be extremely protective over her babies.

Leave the Skunks to the Experts

When it comes to skunks, it is important to call a wildlife removal service immediately. Skunks are not a wildlife animal you want to try to remove on your own. If you agitate a skunk and they decide to use their defense mechanism (spraying that terribly scented sulfur chemical), you don’t want to be on the other end. Not only do you not want to be covered in that scent but you also don’t want it to be lingering in your home.

Dangers of Having These Wildlife Animals in Your Home

Not only will you feel unsettled knowing that you have wildlife animals in your home but they can also be very destructive and dangerous. There are even studies that show that unwanted wildlife animals cause thousands of house fires a year. Here are the 3 main dangers of having wildlife animals in your home:

  • They carry diseases

Wild animals can be carrying tons of diseases that are not safe for you or your family. If these animals are in your attic or basement, they can be spreading these diseases through their urine or feces. This is why wildlife removal experts often wear masks when cleaning up wildlife feces so that they don’t expose themselves to any diseases the animal may have.

  • They can destroy your home

Wild animals can also be extremely destructive to your home. If the animals get into your home, they can destroy your insulation, sheetrock and even furniture if they get into the main area of your home. You should be sure to call a wildlife removal expert before the animals can get that far into your home so that extensive damage is not done.

  • They can attack

If approached in the wrong way, wildlife animals can become aggravated and attack which can be dangerous for you, your family and even your pets. To ensure your family’s safety, call wildlife removal experts to properly and safely remove these unwanted critters.

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